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External CF Card Access

PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2008 12:43 am
by DrTom
I now have two Apple IIgs computers, each with a CFFA card. Each IIgs also has a 3.5" disk drive,
a Grappler card in slot 1, a Zip Accelerator in Slot 3, and extended memory in the Auxiliary
slot. Plus a monochrome Apple monitor and Epson printers. I have lots of other hardware that I
don't use.

I need to be able to back-up about 3 mb of data regularly. The disks in the 3.5" drive contain
about 0.8 mb of data, so it would take at least 4 of them to back-up the data on my Compact
Flash cards, which is awkward. I don't like Zip Drives because they are scsi and need a hard drive
on the end of the daisy chain.

It seems like the best choice is an external CF card. Does anyone have a better idea? If not,
then it seems there are two choices (1) build an external adapter like one shown at


(2) spend $70+ for the External CF Drive at ... ucts_id=33

I would rather focus on reliability and convenience and not on price.

I would appreciate comments and suggestions.

Thank you,