Success with Apple ][+

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Success with Apple ][+

Postby luddite » Thu Jul 28, 2005 9:50 am

Just got my CFFA back from being upgraded to 1.4 and the jumper fix... happy to say it now works beautifully in my Bell & Howell ][+... yay!
Using a 32MB SanDisk CF... I'd originally formatted it on a Mac using Bernie ][ The Rescue, but the A2 couldn't see it, so I formatted it with the ProDos 1.0 User Disk and it works just fine. Biggest problem I have now is finding a use for all that disk space ;-)
Oddly enough it also seems _faster_ now... especially when CATALOGing directories.
Hats off to Rich for an excellent product and top-notch support :)
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