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CFFA3000 update: USB flash drive w/ FAT32 working

PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 10:58 pm
by rich
Hi CFFA fans,

A quick update: The USB flash drive storage of HD images and floppy disk images is working now.
The card can boot from .PO and .NIB files stored on a USB thumb drive. Although some
thumb drives don't work and they still need to be debugged.

Most of the major subsystems have been tested out and the basic building blocks
are all working. The card is functioning as a CFFA card in the slot it is placed and as a
phantom Disk II controller in another slot. In other words, with the CFFA3000 in slot 7
and nothing in slot 6, I can type PR#6 and boot from the virtual floppy controller mapped
to slot 6 but whose hardware is in slot 7.

There is still a lot more firmware to write and debug, and some CPLD logic to write
including DMA.