Convertible SD/USB Memory cards - and more firmware testing

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Convertible SD/USB Memory cards - and more firmware testing

Postby david__schmidt » Thu Apr 14, 2011 8:13 am

I don't know if it was the best deal in the world, but I hadn't seen this kind of convertible SD/USB memory card before: ... GB%29.html
(Disclaimer: I don't work for or with Jim Brain, or have any affiliation with his store; I just buy his stuff from time to time.)

So I bought a couple of these for testing. It's a pretty handy little device that works great in the CFFA3000 as a USB stick, then inserts easily in my laptop that has an SD port (plus a USB port, of course). Anyway, it's just handy to have multiple options like this.

The firmware team has been busy squashing bugs and churning out new functionality. As Rich mentioned on his website, much of this is behind the scenes work - making it all work better together in the long run. Lots of nice capabilities for debug logging, for example - that really helps speed up the test/fix cycle on the firmware side.
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