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Firmware v24 ready for download

PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 9:55 pm
by david__schmidt
There's a new firmware download available for you, and there's an enormous amount of work and changes that have gone into it. For starters, your disk-switch remotes work now! You can load up a switch list of disk images for Disk II drives 1 and 2, and cycle through them with the buttons. Some other things to try out and comment on:
  • Your FAT volume names for CF or USB media are displayed on the chooser screens
  • There's some (more) help at the bottom of the screen when you change contexts
  • Some goofy "_TRA~" sorts of filename droppings won't be created on your media now
  • There's indicators ('^' and 'v') if you have "more" Disk II images selected than fit on the screen
  • ...and plenty of other bug fixes along the way. Try it out! ... I/beta.php

There's a new copy of the doc available too. How can that be improved? ... tation.pdf