Power drain by CFFA card?

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Power drain by CFFA card?

Postby dhall82 » Wed Sep 04, 2013 3:06 pm


I have a apple ii+ with a 16K memory card, display card and disk controller installed. Without the CFFA card, the computer boots to slot 6 drive 1 normally.

However, when the CFFA card is installed (slot 5 or 7), the computer powers up but does not boot. I have reseated the chips and tried several power supplies. I can do a ctrl reset and access the board through the standard call.

Have I missed something?

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Re: Power drain by CFFA card?

Postby dlyons » Fri Oct 11, 2013 2:17 am

Did you ever solve the problem? I'm curious whether the system starts OK with the Disk II card removed. If so, the CFFA3000 may be configured to put the "virtual" Disk II into slot 6, conflicting with the real Disk II.

If you can get control of the system and enter the CFFA3000 menus (a good way is PR#5 or PR#7, and press M just after pressing Return), there are 2 important settings:
(1) Disk II slot -- set it to something other than 6, if the real disk controller card will stay in 6.
(2) in Other Settings, turn on "Autoboot Older Apples" so the II+ can find the CFFA3000 when it's looking for a boot device
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