Can't boot virtual Disk II images on IIGS?

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Can't boot virtual Disk II images on IIGS?

Postby andyp » Mon Jun 09, 2014 7:18 pm

I just wanted to confirm that my cfa3000 card is operating properly:

I have my cffa3000 (the current one) in my IIgs and have been using smart port to boot a hard drive image and loading various IIgs compatible disk images (via smart port). I previously had it in an apple iie and used the virtual disk ii drives as expected.

With the cfa3000 in the IIgs I noticed I couldn't boot disk images assigned to the virtual disk II drives (I can only see the .dsk images when assigning to the virtual disk ii's but my usb card has numerous .2mg images). Anyway, I am just assuming that is how the card is supposed to work.

I can boot apple ii disks with a physical 5-1/4" drive connected to the IIgs (earlier apple II disks whose images won't boot from the virtual disk II drives).

I tried putting the .dsk images that wouldn't boot from the virtual drive ii in the smart port but they wouldn't boot from there either (so there doesn't seem to be a way to boot older apple ii disk images from the cffa3000 while it is in the IIgs?...I get the Check Startup device message).

Just wanting to see if I am missing something or if this is the way the card is supposed to work, thanks!

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