Reading the USB on boot up

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Reading the USB on boot up

Postby SMstreep29 » Sun Jul 13, 2014 11:18 am

Hello Members

I have an Apple 2E Platinum with the CFFA3000 installed in slot 7 and the virtual disk II in slot 5. My CF card has ProDos images and it boots from these images after that beautiful ... Be-Bop ... sound. It seems to run fine for the applications that I have so far installed. My problem is the USB port. I used "CiderPress" to copy disk II images to the USB including DOS 3.3, CP/M files and even ProDos applications. It will not boot up when the USB is installed. I can only access the card itself when the USB is removed at boot up? This is perplexing since originally I got that beautiful ... Be-Bop ... Be-Bop ... on boot up before I moved disk images from "CiderPress" as the system apparently accesses both the CF card ... Be-Bop ... then the USB ... Be-Bop. Now I get continuous beeping sounds and no boot up until I remove the USB stick.

Thanks for any help, SteveS
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Re: Reading the USB on boot up

Postby david__schmidt » Sun Jul 13, 2014 3:15 pm

I'm not sure why you'd use CiderPress to put images on your USB stick. You should be able to use just a plain old PC or Mac to copy the files - which should be .po, .dsk, or .do type things. I'm worried you're copying individual programs directly... hopefully that's not the case?

It will be instructive for you to go into the CFFA3000 menu with the USB stick plugged in and see if 1) the CFFA3000 can "see" it, and 2) what it thinks the contents are...
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