Struggling with new CFFA3000

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Struggling with new CFFA3000

Postby topfuel » Sat Dec 13, 2014 3:31 pm

I bought a CFFA-3000 off ebay. I was able to install it and get it working. I downloaded some disk images from the Internet and using ADTPro was able to create a few floppies as well as copy my floppy disc.

Then I used the CFFA 3000 disk Image creator to make a DSK file of my floppy disc.

I saved it to the USB stick and as long as I use disk II emulation, it works, I do not want to leave the usb stick in the machine, so I got a Compact Flash card. I used windows to copy my DSK file from USB to CF then re-installed just the CF into the CFFA-3000,

I reset the Disk II Assignment to the CF version of my DSK file. Reboot.

I get an address and a bunch of data on the screen but the program does not run. If I switch back to the usb stick, it works.

Also after re-formatting the CF and re-writing the MBR with CFFA3000 software, the CFFA3000 no longer sees the files on the CF although the PC does.

Any ideas?
Chris Miller
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Re: Struggling with new CFFA3000

Postby RommelJunta » Mon Dec 29, 2014 11:32 am

Hi Chris,

Ive had a similar problem with what you are experiencing with your card. One of the things that seemed to work for me is reflashing the firmware on the card. I actually reflashed it with an older firmware then reflashed with most current and that seems to remedy the problem. Give it a shot.
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