File and Volume/dsk management recommendation

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File and Volume/dsk management recommendation

Postby bbeardmore » Mon Feb 01, 2016 10:32 pm

I have my big pile of floppies, and I was wondering if I should be creating dsk images of each floppy. A large part of my collection are double side floppies with multiple games on each side. One side of me is thinking put each game into its own dsk image and other side of me thinks put them all into one large dsk. Is there a standard recommended way?
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Re: File and Volume/dsk management recommendation

Postby dlyons » Thu Feb 04, 2016 1:43 am

Are these disks in ProDOS format, or DOS 3.3? I suspect most of them are DOS 3.3, in which case you may not have much choice. The DOS 3.3 disk format is generally 35 tracks of 16 sectors = 140K (in principle the format can be extended to have more tracks and more sectors, but that requires modifications to DOS, and the CFFA3000 doesn't support it via the Disk II emulation).

If the floppies are in ProDOS format and you're using the CFFA3000 menus to create disk images from them, it doesn't offer any automatic merging, but you can certainly copy files from the small images onto a bigger one (32MB), keeping in mind that the root directory has a limit of 51 items.

I hope this helps!
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