Should "Escape From The Homebrew Computer Club" work?

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Should "Escape From The Homebrew Computer Club" work?

Postby bbeardmore » Tue Feb 02, 2016 10:27 pm

I am still new to the CFFA3000 card and have been trying different things just to make sure I understand what the card can do.

I wanted to see how I could to use large .po file to be a hard drive on Apple IIe. From my PC I copied the CFFA16MBCFIamge.po file (from CD that came with CFFA3000 card) to my USB drive. I reinstalled USB into CFFA3000 card. I setting the smartport to use the .po file and set the smartport to 7. The CFFA3000 card is in slot 7 currently.

I get the command prompt and PR#7. The machine boots with the .po file. I prefix into HBCC and BRUN HBCC. The instruction text works and then the program crashes when trying to load the maps.

What have I overlooked or it something else?
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Re: Should "Escape From The Homebrew Computer Club" work?

Postby dlyons » Mon Feb 15, 2016 3:50 am

I got HBCC to run on an Apple IIgs + CFFA3000 just now, and here's what I learned (partly from browsing the "SRC" folder included in the HBCC folder).

The HBCC file is for use under DOS 3.3 (BRUN HBCC), and the HBCC.SYSTEM file is for use under ProDOS.

If you're in BASIC.SYSTEM (ProDOS, with a "]" prompt), you can use the "-" command to launch it:

That worked on my GS. If it doesn't work on your IIe, I have one more recipe you could try. There is something odd about the first two bytes of HBCC.SYSTEM...they appear to be data rather than code. They happen to be harmless on a 65816 or a 65C02, but I don't know what will happen when they execute on a 6502 (in an unenhanced IIe, or a II+).

If that causes an issue, try this:
CALL 8194


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