V1.3 CPLD logic has marginal timing, V1.4 in testing

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V1.3 CPLD logic has marginal timing, V1.4 in testing

Postby rich » Mon Feb 28, 2005 6:26 pm

Hi Everyone,

Enough customers have reported problems to get me go and buy a bunch of larger CF cards. In testing these cards I found some serious problems with the SanDisk 128MB and 256MB cards. I have traced the problem back to the changes I made for version 1.3 CPLD logic. While that upgrade improves some timing margins, it detroyed some others. I didn't check this, and all my testing indicated everything was fine. I can see my testing needs to be improved. From what I see, I belive that v1.3 could be causing trouble on many different CF cards and HD's.

Anyway, I have fixed those problems, and the 256MB appears to be working great now. I will be testing it further and sending out a few beta's for further testing.

After I am conviced it is working, I will make that upgrade available.
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