Original Apple II may work with CFFA

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Original Apple II may work with CFFA

Postby vbriel » Sat Mar 12, 2005 12:03 pm

I have beta revision V1.4 that I got from Rich this week. My IIplus with 16M San Disc has worked fine for me with V1.3 but I wanted to help test V1.4. It works great, no changes noticed so I thought I'd dig out my original II and see what I can get going this time.

It attempts to load prodos from the CFFA but anybody who has an original II may want to read this before trying it. You have to change the ROM for Applesoft since prodos is looking for Applesoft. The CFFA started to boot in my II with V1.4 but stopped when it couldn't find Applesoft. I may go as far as to put applesoft ROM's from my IIplus in the II and verify this but I don't want to risk damage of either machine.

So, the good news is, initially it looks like V1.4 will work with an original II with applesoft ROM's. Anybody else want to try this?

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