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SanDisk Utra II 2 GF CF compatible with 2.0 Firmware

PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 11:46 pm
by klutek
Smallest CF I could find locally was 2 GB. Was on sale for $19.00, so not a big investment if it didn't work.

With a run 6 card with firmware 2.0 in slot 2 set up fine using the 4 32 MB PRODOOS volume default in a ROM1 IIGS
and System 6.0.1 Seems to coexist fine with the Apple Hispeed SCSI and hard drive ( 4 32 MB PRODOS and a 1,921 MB HFS) in slot 7.
Be nice just to use the hard drive as a backup, and the CFFA for day to day.

Will be interested in seeing if I can set the rest of the card up as a large HFS drive when the update of the GS/OS driver is available. I did try the one currently in the download section, but it did not load and from the date seeems to be the old driver.

Any idea if I can expect problems setting up the large HFS drive? Any idea if the HFS paritions with the new driver will still be limited to 1 GB? If I understand right, 4 32 MB and 1 HFS on the HD, and 4 32 MB and 2 1 GB on the CF, would use 11 of the 13 paritions available in GS/OS.