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CFFA Status History

Status History

Here is a chronological summary of the project status:

CFFA1 Status: Dec 8, 2020:

The PCBs and parts have arrived. Now I will need to build a couple boards and verify everything works. Once I know the test boards work, I will update my site and send out emails to all those who expressed an interest. This will happen sometime in Jan 2021 if all goes well.

CFFA1 Status: Nov 14, 2020:

Last week I ordered a batch of CFFA1 PCB. These are the same design as the previous CFFA1 boards from way back in 2011. These will take about 5 weeks to be received. Then I will build a couple prototypes, test and verify they work. I will post an update after that. My current plan is to hand assemble this batch PCBs because the batch size is too small to make machine assembly cost effective. Hope I don't regret this decision!

CFFA1 Status: August 16, 2020:

This soonest I will have CFFA1 boards available is near the end of 2020. There have been too many interruptions and delays due to the pandemic so the end of summer is no longer possible. Sorry about the delay.

CFFA1 Status: February 19, 2020:

I am planning to build another batch of 100 CFFA1s for late summer or fall of 2020. I was able to find a source of CF sockets and it appears that the rest of the components are still available. I have not done the cost analysis yet so I can't say what the final sale price will be yet. When I know more I will post an update here.

March 23, 2013:

The CFFA1 for Apple1 / Replica1 / Mimeo1 is now available to order. I have built 200 boards and have them in stock. The cost is US$109.95 + shipping.

Feb 19, 2013:

I have just shipped all of the parts for 200 CFFA1 boards to the assembly company in California! It will take about 5 weeks assemble the boards and get them shipped back to me. In the next week or so, I will open up the order site for pre-orders. I believe I have built many more units than the current demand. So anyone who wants a CFFA1 should be able to buy one. I would be able to start shipping orders by early April. The units will ship with a minor firmware update to v1.1 which adds support for the Replica1's Multi I/O board's ACIA. Also in development right now for v2.0 is FAT16 support, making file tranfers to and from your PC or Mac much easier. -Rich.

Jan 2, 2013:

I have now ordered all of the parts for a batch of 200 CFFA1 boards! Once these parts arrive and I can build up a couple test PCBs I will send everything to the assembler for assembly. I am hoping to have boards to sell by early March.

Dec 4, 2012:

It has been a long time since I updated the status for this project. There is finally enough demand to merit making another run of CFFA1 boards! I have order the production of another batch of PCB for run #2. I am also in the process of buying parts and will update this page again once I have sent all of the parts to the assembler. This process could take several months.

July 13, 2011:

I will be making another run of CFFA1 boards after the CFFA3000 project is up and selling.

July 14, 2010:

After 3 years the first run of 100 CFFA1s has finally sold out. There were about 5 or 6 boards that never worked and I kept a couple for myself. So approximately 90 boards were sold. This was obviously not a high demand item, but I was happy to make something for the Apple 1. If there is enough interest in another batch I would consider it. Please let me know you are insterested in a second run by sending me an email using the following link: Send E-mail.

July 6, 2008:

I have reduced the price of the CFFA1 boards for the Apple 1 computer. Futhure saving can be found at Briel computers when you buy a CFFA1 card from them in combination with a Replica 1 computer.

Oct 22, 2007:

I will be showing off the CFFA1 interface card for the Apple1 again this year at VCF X on Nov 3 and 4, 2007. Stop by and say hello if you can make it to the show.

June 1, 2007:

All paid order for CFFA1 boards have been shipped on June1. Included with the CFFA board is a CD with a copy of the manual in PDF format. Also on the disk is a copy of Woz's old Apple1 basic and two games: LUNAR and basic games STARTREK. I appreciate everyones patience with me getting this project done.

May 25, 2007:

I am on plan to ship all the current CFFA1 orders by June 1. I have programmed the CPLD logic and EEPROM firmware into 23 units and I am putting the final touches on the manual. The manual for the CFFA1 will only be available in pdf format. If you need a different format, contact me via email and I will try to accommodate you. I will be including a CDROM with your CFFA1 that will have the manual on it.

May 6, 2007:

Feedback from two testers of the production lot has been good.
Progress on the manual and final release version of firmware is going slower than planned. The API interface has been added to the firmware, but still needs to be documented. I have revised my ship date to be June 1, 2007. This board has been 30 years in the making so I hope everyone can be patient for a few more weeks.

April 20, 2007:

I have received the assembled CFFA boards!!!
I have tested a couple random boards and they appear to be working fine. More testing needs to be done, and I have to finish the manual and get the 1.0 release of the firmware ready.

March 24, 2007:

I have just begun accepting pre-orders for the CFFA1 interface card. I soonest I would see cards back from the assembler is about 3 weeks from today. This will translate into about 4 to 6 weeks before customers start receiving orders.

March 19, 2007:

All of the parts and PCBs have been shipped to the Assembler. The assembly process will take about 3 weeks to finish including shipping back and forth. Assuming nothing is lost in shipping, I shold have a batch of 100 CFFA1's to sell in about 4 weeks. Pre-ordering will begin in a couple days. I just need to finish up the web site first. If you contact me about this project you will be contacted via email as soon as I am ready.

March 11, 2007:

Well, all of the production PCBs have arrived and most of the other parts too. I have built one board from the production lot and it seems to be working great. I still have a couple more tests to run. If all goes well, I will be shipping all of the parts off to FlexOne next week sometime. Once they are in the mail, I will open up for pre-orders of the CFFA for Apple1. The run of boards will be a total of 100 boards. As always, some boards will be bad, and I will keep a couple, so I expect to have about 90 boards available to sell.

Feb 16, 2007:

I have just ordered a batch of 100 PCBs for the CFFA1 project. I will be ordering all of the other parts next week and in about two more weeks I should have all the part needed. I will then be sending all of the parts and PCBs to FlexOne for assembly. Once I get my order site up and running I will send out an email to announce that I am accepting pre-orders.

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