CFFA 1.2 Rev B - Easy 8 partitions for IIgs

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CFFA 1.2 Rev B - Easy 8 partitions for IIgs

Postby elima » Mon Apr 04, 2016 4:55 pm

General info: CFFA - Older version 1.2 Rev B card with 1.30 firmware. This is a procedure on how to get 8 partitions on a CF card, for a IIgs quickly and easily.

What you'll need:

Older CFFA Card.
Compact Flash Card, I used an 8 GB.
Cider Press for PC
Copy II+ 7.1 ProDOS
Set of 32 mb hard drive images from:

1) Format the CF card in your PC in Fat32 format.
2) Set the jumpers on the CFFA to the IIgs setting.
3) Move the CF to the CFFA and power on the IIgs.
4) Let the CFFA initialize the CF card to its default 4 partitions.
Reboot the IIgs with the Copy II+ disk and then format the first "drive" of whatever slot your CFFA is in. (ie, slot 7). When you format, choose ProDOS.
5) Power down the IIgs and remove the Compact Flash card.

6) Put the CF card back in your PC and start Cider Press.
7) Using the Volume Copier tool, open the CF card and DISABLE the read-only setting. You should see 4 partitions and the remaining space on the CF card as (unknown).
8) Copy the hard drive images to the 4 visible partitions on the CF. Make sure the System Boot image is in the first partition.
9) Copy another image to the FIFTH (unknown) partition. It doesn't matter that the size will show as much larger than 32 megs after the copy completes.

10) Eject the CF card and put it back into the CFFA on the IIgs and power on.
11) Chose an OS System to start with once the CFFA boots up. (I used system 6.0.1) If you have low RAM on your GS, choose an older OS like 5.x
12) Once the GS boots to the desktop, it will complain about new partitions being unreadable. Go ahead and let the system format these 3 new partitions.
13) Congrats! You now have 8 total 32 mb partitions on your CF card, readable by the IIgs.
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