I'll be at VCF 9.0 to show off my new CFFA1(CFFA for Apple1)

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I'll be at VCF 9.0 to show off my new CFFA1(CFFA for Apple1)

Postby rich » Tue Oct 10, 2006 10:04 am

Hi Apple Fans,

I will be attending the VCF9.0 this year at the Computer History Museum in Montain View, CA. I plan to exhibit my CFFA for Apple1 (CFFA1) prototype boards along side Vince Briel's exhibit of his new Replica1 SE.
See: http://vintage.org/2006/main/

The CFFA1 will allow Replica1 and Obotronix Apple1 Clone owners to access CF storage using the ProDOS file system. So you will be able to take CF cards between your Apple1, Apple // and your PC using CiderPress.

The CFFA1 card also has 32K SRAM and 8K EEPROM on board to allow you to expand the RAM on your Apple1/Obotronix Apple1 clone. This is very useful if you are running or developing BASIC programs. Replica1 users already have an enlarged SRAM, so this would not benifit those users.

The initial release will have a command/menu driven interface to allow users to load and store programs. The CFFA card is very similar in size to the Apple1's cassette interface card, and should fit in any enclosure that was designed to hold a cassette interface card.

If you want me to email you with details when this card becomes available, please email me using the link on my main CFFA page.

Stay tuned for more information...
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