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IDE Cable

Postby AppleDrew » Thu Sep 18, 2008 7:14 am


I am trying to get an external CF adatper to my IIGS, and all the IDE cables i have have a pin blocked (and nothing to remove from the plastic bit) which means that i can't connect it to the CFFA card. Is it safe to snip the pin off the card?

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Re: IDE Cable

Postby DrTom » Thu Sep 18, 2008 6:15 pm

I got an IDS Cable at ... 1&format=2

and connected it to an "IDE to Compact Flash CF Adapter" at ... 1&format=2

You can see a bigger picture of the adapter at ... largeimage

Everything seems to fit together. When I connect it to the CFFA Card and powered up my IIgs
the red power-on LED on the Adapter lit up, showing the Adapter is getting power.

Next in Advanced Disk Utilities (ADU) in OSGS, I tried to initialize the volumes. I see two new volumes
that are not initialized. When I tryied to initialize, the green activity LED on the Adapter lit up,
but I quickly got a message saying the device was locked.

I powered down, and changed a jumper on the Adapter from Master to Slave, which makes
sense. Tried to initialize again with ADU, but got the same error message.

So the hardware seems to fit together, but I can't OSGS to initialize the volumes, which I
presume are on the second Compact Flash card in the Adapter.

Incidentally both the card in the CFFA and in the Adapter are SanDisks.

I'd really like to get this to work. The IDE cable is 38" long and comes way out of the IIgs
with the case cover on, so it would make a very nice back up, if it will work. The
Adapter card and the IDE cable are cheap. I'd be happy to buy a different brand, if
anyone has a suggestion.

Also, my CFFA card is a dream come true. Really it is just wonderful and does everything
I'd hoped for, but I need an easy way to back-up about 3 mb of data.

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Re: IDE Cable

Postby DrTom » Mon Sep 22, 2008 10:24 pm

Hi all,

I was told that a 1-to-3 ribbon, like the one I bought, was more problematical than
a 1-to-1 ribbon. I was in Fry's yesterday and saw a "Flat Ribbon 18" IDE Drive 40pin
for one drive". So I got it, but it does not work for me.

I've ordered the "Bootable IDE to CF DMA Adaptor Converter + rear panel" like
the one at ... 18Q2el1247

to see if that adapter will work on the end of one of my IDE ribbons.

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