Master/Slave support?

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Postby herbfung » Fri Aug 02, 2002 7:32 pm

I am officially putting in a request for master/slave support for the IDE interface. I will need this for a concept I have in mind.

I have a Vulcan power supply that I want to modify to hold both an IDE hard drive and an IDE LS-120 drive.

This would give my GS an internal floppy and hard drive. All I would have to do is cut a slot in the front case for the disk.

I just got my card last night and haven't tried it out yet. I'm hoping to make time this weekend to see how it works with an LS-120 drive.
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Postby vossile » Fri Oct 10, 2003 10:20 am

I've just modified my Vulcan power supply to host two IDE drives. One is connected to a Turbo IDE from SSH and the other to the CFFA. Unfortunately the heat is just too much, so I'm going to "unmodify" the case and just use one HDD. Its a pity that you can't connect two devices to the CFFA.

Anyway, I wouldn't do that mod (at least not with two HDDs).


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Postby gsmcporet » Sun Jan 15, 2006 3:11 pm


Did you try it with an extra internal fan installed? That may help with the heat . Possibly you could modify the side or back of the case and use an external fan to help drawl off the heat?


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