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Postby rich » Thu Mar 07, 2002 1:48 pm

Hi All,
Several people have expressed an interest in buying my project in kit form. I have built many kits in my day, and I would like to offer one. I am concerned about the assembly difficulty level. About half of the devices are surface mount. The CF socket is a very fine pitch device, and requires a small soldering iron tip and fine solder. Also I could not solder it without solder wick to fix solder-bridges.

The other issue is that I would not be able to accept returns on kits after someone has started assembling them. If the assembled kit didn't work, I guess I could offer a fee based service to fix and test any boards sent back. If I do offer a kit, it would probably be priced around $75. (subject to change) With a fee of $50 if they want me to fix it for them.

If you have any thoughts please reply.
I am wondering:
1) Would you be interested in a kit?
2) I can't discount it much, is it worth it?
3) What would you expect of me, if the assembled kit didn't work, due to assembly errors?

Feel free to ramble...
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Postby Sheppy » Thu Mar 07, 2002 1:51 pm

I wouldn't buy a kit -- I'm not that competent with a soldering iron. :smile:
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Postby ncbill » Thu Mar 07, 2002 3:22 pm

Too many surface mount components - that's obvious from the picture.

Just offer it assembled and tested bare (people get their CF cards from or recycle their old 8MB or 16MB CF cards)

Still thinking $100 assembled?
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Postby rich » Thu Mar 07, 2002 5:38 pm

Bill, I would agree with you...

Yes, it will be $100 + shipping. Should be around 1+ lbs. shipping weight.
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Postby slidertx72 » Sat Mar 09, 2002 2:35 am

I agree. Not worth the effort. To much chance for error.
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Postby Mark » Sun Mar 10, 2002 1:23 pm

I agree. I would only be interested in a completely assembled unit. $100 + S&H look pretty reasonable.

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Postby Dan G » Tue Mar 19, 2002 8:30 pm

I have trouble enough with DIP size stuff. $25 extra for an assembled version versus a kit version is well worth it.
Dan G
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Postby kmitchel » Wed Apr 10, 2002 8:54 pm

I'd prefer a built card. That "ethernet card in a baggie" guy didn't get too far, and I have trouble enough remembering which end of the iron is hot. B-{)

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Postby vossile » Wed Apr 17, 2002 3:19 pm


I would take a kit - I love soldering small stuff. Ofcourse I wouldn't mind a preassembled one either. But if I bugger up the kit I will either fix it or buy a complete card :wink:

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Postby mark_c » Fri Oct 18, 2002 7:22 am

I'd definately be happy assembling a kit. looks like a breeze compared to multilayer repair using a microscope and 0.5mm square tracks !
I think the $100 for an assembled card would suit most people, but the opportunity for a home built card is always attractive to many 'old' Apple2 hackers, and a $25each saving for me might be the difference between getting one or two cards.if it didn't work, that's my bad luck, I'd try and fix it. you already have all the diagrams so that's all the help I need. the boards look very well made and that is 99% of any cause of any home made project.
I'm even keen to build your wirewrap prototype version, but getting some of the parts is a bit costly, and it occupies too much space when it's finished. my Apple2e's are already full of cards which is where I intend to use it.
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Kits-Give me your thoughts

Postby gsmcporet » Tue Apr 19, 2005 9:36 am

Rich and all,

I would be interested in a kit eventually. Once I have my card installed and in use. I'm starting to learn how to do prototype boards for Apple II's and this wwould be a perfect project for learning. If I mess it up, its no ones fault but mine, so I would not expect to return the kit. I'd just fade back ten yards and punt. lol
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