The "Max" IIe (Part II)

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The "Max" IIe (Part II)

Postby gsmcporet » Sun Jan 15, 2006 3:02 pm

Hi Rich and All,

Well, the "Max" IIe project is complete! An Enhanced IIe board, a Sprint Disk Accelerator Card in the Aux Slot, a Ram Works III fully loaded in Slot 1, a Super Serial II Card for the ImageWriter II Printer in Slot 2, A Mouse Card in Slot 4, an Input / Output card for the 5 1/4" Duo-Disk Drive in Slot 5, CFFA Card with 64Meg in Slot 6, and a 3.5" Drive Controller Card in Slot 7.

All I have left to do now is some fine tuning with the programs. Right now the computer comes up from the Rev 3 CFFA Card to ProDos Utilities, but I'm going to make a change to have it come up using GEOS. Doing this I'll be able to use the mouse and the whole thing will be menu driven.

I hope that everyone has a happy 2006!

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