noob question (switching disks on IIGS)

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noob question (switching disks on IIGS)

Postby Horganic » Sat Nov 03, 2018 3:11 pm

Hi Folks!

I salvaged a IIGS from my in-laws' cottage. Loving the CFFA for IIGS-native apps, and have played a bunch of California Games. My goal for this salvage however was "I can play the original Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego."

I was a C64 kid, so all this apple stuff is totally new to me, but I'm enjoying the learning curve. The issue I'm having is that Carmen Sandiego asks me to insert Disk 2 - which I thought I knew how to do (three-finger-salute, change the Slot II disk assignment)... but something about this software seems to prevent the special IIGS menu from coming up. I've found this with several ROMs now when there's a disk change..

Why does that happen? I would have thought it was a hardware interrupt that software couldn't "block"... Similar thing happens for a few IIGS native apps, where a disk switch is required, but I can't access the cmd-ctrl-esc menu to change smart disk assignments (and if I try to mount both at the same time, System OS barfs with a "Same volume - please eject" msg...

anyhow, if anyone could tell me how to switch to Disk 2 without having the remote switch product on a IIGS I would appreciate it.

Sorry if I'm not being very articulate!
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Re: noob question (switching disks on IIGS)

Postby Hastor » Sun Nov 03, 2019 8:27 pm

This is covered in the manual for the CFFA3000 - there was a remote switch sold separately, but hasn't been available for a while. I saw where someone got schematics to make their own, and I'm trying to track those down myself. I find that in addition to preventing access to the menu, some games allow access but freeze upon returning to the game as well.

If anyone seeing this has those, please share! I'd also be willing to buy a switch anyone has that they aren't using (or made themselves).
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