Flurry of updates - image choosers, lots of simplifications

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Flurry of updates - image choosers, lots of simplifications

Postby david__schmidt » Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:53 pm

Last weekend was a crazy one for firmware updates. Tons of preparations are under way to get the card ready for KansasFest. The chooser is getting into shape - it's now easy to tell which memory device an image came from, and as much of a long name as possible is displayed - truncated through the middle:
Chooser.png (11.65 KiB) Viewed 22306 times

(One of the disk images is named "This Disk has a Very Long Name.DSK".) You can see the little "u" or "c" to signify that the image came from the USB stick or the CF card. You can easily mount and remove disks with simple keystrokes. At worst, a reboot is necessary - but often, it's possible to exit the menus and just keep working with the new reality of your disks being mounted. This works very satisfyingly with the likes of GSOS.

The menu systems are getting simpler and simpler. Some functions have disappeared altogether and just happen automatically - firmware updates, for example. The old "status' item I used to rely on is simply reflected in the image choosing screen. Things are coming together nicely!
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