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use remote to jump to menu?

PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2012 2:56 pm
by kgreene
I finally found time to actually start using my CFFA 3000, it's great to be able to boot off of DOS 3.3 dsk/nib images! I took some disks I was playing with on an emulator and moved them back to a real machine.

One thing I'd love to see is something I thought was in there but when I look back in the forums I find it was a feature request in the beta tester forum.

That feature is to have the menu load when pressing both remote buttons down, maybe immediately or maybe after a short delay (a second?) I find there are times I'd like to be able to jump to the menu in the middle of something but I have to go back to manually CALL it.

It would be really convenient to be able to drop into the menu at will and then attempt to return to what you were doing. Not everything would return correctly but from what I remember it should be possible to return for many cases.