How to report bugs?

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How to report bugs?

Postby polyex » Thu Jan 17, 2013 3:58 pm

I was running the newest beta code, v3.1 Beta 1, and was getting freezes and would also drop to the monitor. Is there a procedure that I can do at these points that would help in reporting a bug? A screenshot? Tell you what the monitor says? What?
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Re: How to report bugs?

Postby david__schmidt » Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:56 pm

Just log a message in the 'support' forum. You'd want to include some pertinent details:

Machine type?
What slot is the CFFA3000 in?
What is the virtual Disk II slot set to?
Is there any physical card residing in the virtual Disk II slot?
If using a GS, are both the CFFA3000 physical and virtual Disk II slots set to "Your card" in the control panel?
What disk images in use? Where can we download them from?
How/where are disk images mounted?
What are the steps to reproduce?
What is the outward failure mode? (what happens? What does it look like?)

Did it behave differently before? If you back off to 3.0.3, does it fail the same way?

It would be useful to first clear out the debug log, run the failing scenario, then reboot and save off the debug log.
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