How about a separate Howto section

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How about a separate Howto section

Postby koffeiniker » Fri Nov 07, 2014 5:14 pm

I would love to have some howtos for several themes. I'd even volunteer to write some, once I figured out how things work.
Drowning them in the general discussion or support groups is not really useful, I fear.

I'd really recommend, prefer, love-to-see a separate group for these.

Does that make sense?

Can anyone point me to discussions where these procedures have been described?
- Create a bootable Prodos on 32MB images
- Create a UCSD Pascal on 32MB image (bootable?)
- Create a Prodos based CP/M for the applicard with 8MB drives/partitions

Flame me if I write non-sense.
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Re: How about a separate Howto section

Postby Char27 » Sun Dec 07, 2014 9:23 am

I like this idea. It would be most useful if we get at least some basic information in to get started.

My IIGS and IIe have been off over a year and I just set up a new space for them and now have my IIGS with the CFFA3000 in it running. I got it up and running quickly using the images I had created before.

I need to start remembering and/or relearning how to do certain things that I was doing before so having a nice reference would be nice. I would contribute some things I have done or discovered that may be helpful to others - or even to me if I step away from using the Apples for another longer period again :)

I would even like to see some sharing some useful starter disk images if possible (like a bare GSOS install), custom collections, etc. I would want to make sure Rich is ok with posting images like that first though. I could see some concerns with doing that but then again, this stuff is so very old...
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Re: How about a separate Howto section

Postby david__schmidt » Sun Dec 07, 2014 7:37 pm

While it's not exactly a section of its own, if you look over at the support forum:
You will see one of the things you were asking for: a how-to on creating GSOS from scratch. It's "pinned" to the top so it won't get drowned in anything. Then, there's the video of introductory topics:

If you come up content with others - by all means, do please share.
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