CFFA3000 Locked Up

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CFFA3000 Locked Up

Postby digrafid » Mon May 30, 2022 1:51 pm

I have a problem where I told the CFFA3000 to look for an disk image and it can't find it and now I can't get back to the menu.

Background information. I own an Apple II+ with the 16k memory expansion card and two disk drives. My keyboard has a problem so I'm replaced it with an adapter that enables me to use a PS2 keyboard, but because of this, I do not have a reset key. I got my CFFA3000 back some time ago, but because of work and life events, I haven't been able to get to it until now. I wanted to use it just as an hard drive so that I could put all my diskettes on it and get rid of the floppy drives. Because my floppy drive controller is in Slot 6, I installed the CFFA in Slot 4 because I didn't feel that there was enough room in Slot 7 due to the floppy drive cables coming off the floppy drive controller. After reading the instructions, I thought that I understood what I was doing, but I guess I selected the wrong file image so that now, when I type PR#4, I get the message back "CFFA3000: NO DISK (SLOT 4)" and I don't know how to get back to the menu. Any help would be appreciated.

In addition, does someone have a quick procedure that will allow me to bypass a lot of the extraneous information for the CFFA and just set it up for a basic hard drive?

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