Mach 3.5 (Speed demon card) and CFFA

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Mach 3.5 (Speed demon card) and CFFA

Postby Char27 » Sun Nov 15, 2009 9:35 pm

I dug out my old mach 3.5 card (almost forgot I had it) and installed it into my IIE hoping to speed things up. The card appears to work ok except it seems to cause the CFFA not to see the installed flash card on the IDE port (did not try putting the card back in slot 0 yet)
When I take the card out, all works fine.

I do not have a manual on this card but was hoping someone might have an idea why this is and what I could do about it. It would be nice to run my IIE at 3.5 mhz while using the CFFA. I figure its a timing issue but I can access the floppy drives ok - I think the card slows down when accessing the drives but maybe not with the cffa??

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