CFFA problems with IIe

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CFFA problems with IIe

Postby AppleIIGuy » Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:04 pm

Put my CFFA in my Platinum //e

Then I booted my Copy II Plus 8.4 disk and tried to format it: got an io error block 0006
I also noticed only slot 6 drive 1& 2 and slot 7 drive 1 & 2 were my choices

I then exited to basic and typed PR#7 and got CFFA device missing, not formatted or incompatable

I have:
SSC in slot 1
CPM Slot 2
Transwarp Slot 3
Mouse card slot 4
Disk ][ Slot 6
CFFA with 2 gb CF card 1.4 beta firmware in slot 7

I put the CFFA in my IIGS and all 8 32 mb partition were visable and I was able to initalize them and read / write file to them
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