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PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2004 9:05 am
by emersonwsm
Hi everybody,

I'm trying to transfer disk image files (.dsk files) from a Mac to the IIgs's HD over an Appletalk net (by a serial cable linking the computers).

The problem is, the files recorded in the ProDOS partition on the IIgs's HD are corrupted, aways with size (between 30KB and 135KB) less than original on the Mac's HD (aways 140KB).

If the file is recorded on IIgs's HFS partition, the file's size is incresead to 144KB, I think because of the cluster size on the IIgs's HFS partition, but don't corrupt the file.

The same problem (random decrease of file size) of the file's corruption occur if I copy the file from HFS partition to ProDOS partition on de IIgs's HD.

Anybody have some ideal about this problem?

My computers:

- Powermac 6500 with Vimage G3@225MHz, 128MB RAM, Mac OS 8.6 with Filesharing 8.0;

- Apple IIgs ROM03, 1.25MB RAM (without expansion), System 6.0.1, Dave Lions's CFFA driver, CFFA v1.3. In some tests, two interfaces with many HDs (with capacities between 540MB and 4GB) and CF cards (aways 32MB);

- In some tests, a Macintosh Plus with 4MB RAM, System 7.0.1 and Appleshare 3.0.1.

Thanks in advance.