DOS Master Tools

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DOS Master Tools

Postby tom » Tue Jun 13, 2006 9:48 pm

With 200 DOS volumes on the DOS Master image it’s tedious to keep track of how many volumes are used and the amount of free space on each volume. I added a tool that catalogs and then plots the number of sectors used on each of the 200 volumes. The file “DM VPlot” plots the number of sectors used in an array of four rows of 50 DOS volumes each. “DM Plot” can be RUN independently or from the menu program “TV Menu”. These files are in the image “V1.dsk”, which is also on in the DOS Master, DOS 3.3, volume 1, of “DM-560-200-v1.po.” The easiest way to run all this is to copy “CF-Vol1-ver1.po” in slot 7 drive 1 and DM-560-200-v1.po in slot 7 drive 2 of the CFFA. When you execute "DOD.3.3" from ProDOS this executes DOS Master which then RUNs the “TV Menu” program. The "TV Menu" can then launch 80 DOS programs, in four categories, stored in about 70 volumes.

All of the above files are on the online folder at ... um=1147686
with login and password: “public.”

I ran this on two emulators KEGS (DOS Master from 32MB images) and AppleWin (DOS 3.3 V1.dsk only).

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