Apple Pascal 1.3

For discussions about the use of your CFFA card. Feel free to start threads about anything you are doing with your card. Tell us about your system, your CF card, how many drives, and especially anything cool you might be doing with your Apple II. Also, if anybody is hacking the CFFA please post info here!

Apple Pascal 1.3

Postby dschmenk » Wed Mar 07, 2007 11:51 am

Not just ProDOS is supported by the CFFA. Apple Pascal 1.3 works great because Apple added SmartPort device support in 1.3 (maybe 1.2?) Using my Apple II+ and CFFA in slot 5 (for SmartPort device configuration) I was able to format and copy all the Pascal files to the CFFA. I can boot straight into Pascal on the CFFA with PR#5. Now I can run what I feel is the most sophisticated IDE for the Apple II quite fast - kind of like Turbo Pascal. Look for my firmware modification post to see how it really flies now.

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