Activity light in a Platinum IIe

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Activity light in a Platinum IIe

Postby david__schmidt » Sun Apr 29, 2007 2:18 pm

Inspired by EricB's work on the IIgs:
I did the same sort of thing with my Platinum IIe.
I took the stock LED out of the socket (it's not attached by anything but friction) and replaced it with a clear, high-output, red LED. I happened to get mine from Jameco: ... tId=197617

Since the headroom was kind of tight between the keyboard and the light
bezel, I just bent the leads around to orient the LED at a 90 degree angle to the socket (which I also trimmed all the way back to the point where the leads plug in). I then just hot-glued the socket to the keyboard connector.

Picture here:
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