Installing GSOS

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Installing GSOS

Postby DrTom » Sun Jul 03, 2011 2:28 pm

I've been trying to install GSOS in a volume of its own.

I have a 256MB SanDisk CF Card in a CFFA Card. The CF Card is nearly
new. I booted into GSOS from the original 3.5" SYSTEM.DISK and used
GSOS to format the CF into four Volumes:


By the way the first three volumes measured 32MB and the fourth
21MB, as usual.

I then used COPY II PLUS to copy my usual 8-bit basic programs into
the first three volumes.

I thought it would be efficient to install GSOS in the fourth Volume, so
occasionally I could run GSOS from the CF card, which should be
faster than running GSOS from the 3.5" SYSTEM.DISK. That's
why I named the fourth volume /GSOS.

I booted into GSOS from the 3.5" SYSTEM.DISK then clicked on the
icon for SYSTEM.TOOLS to open that window. In that window I clicked
on Installer. Chose "Install System Files". Set the volume to GSOS. Then
clicked on help to see if I was maybe missing something and saw a
note saying, "This script installs all system files from /SYSTEM.DISK. The
volume must be a start up volume." I wondered what that meant?

Scoured the internet for "Apple II GSOS Startup Volume", but couldn't
find anything useful.

Back to Installer, clicked OK, then clicked on the button titled Install. After
that was done, turned IIgs off and back on, navigated to /GSOS and
clicked on PRODOS, but got the message, "Unable to load START.GS.OS
file. Error=$0046."

Went back to the GSOS installer clicked on "Install Everything Possible"
and the button labeled "Install". Turned IIgs off and on, navigate to
/GSOS, click on PRODOS and got same message, "Unable to load
START.GS.OS file. Error=$0046."

Now I'm thinking that maybe /GSOS is not a start up volume, as men-
tioned four paragraphs above in this post.

I thought maybe /GSOS should be where /CT.1 is now. Could that make
a difference? But it's not so convenient for me. I'd like the computer to
boot into PRODOS in /CT.1 then to BASIC.SYSTEM, change the Prefix to
/HARD1 and load the master directory for my accounting programs. So
an employee will go directly into those programs after turning on the

Occasionally I'd like to be able to navigate to /GSOS and boot into GSOS.
Can anybody shed any light on my problem?

2 Apple IIgs ROM1computers, 3 CFFA Cards, 4 3.5" disk drives, 2 Epson
EPL7000 printers connected to Grappler+ printer cards, one 4MB
memory card, and one 8MB memory card. Lots of programs I've written
in AppleSoft Basic. Using Beagle Bros program ExtraK to add make
memory available to programs written in AppleSoft Basic. Both
IIgs computers have been running flawlessly every day since the
mid 1980s! Hmmmm, that's now over 35-years!

CFFA Cards are essential, wonderful, and we love them. The new
CFFA3000 looks like it will be even better. We are especially looking
forward to hot swapping usb thumb drives. If you've got an Apple II,
you need a CFFA Card!!
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Re: Installing GSOS

Postby DrTom » Mon Jul 04, 2011 9:29 am

I figured it out. GSOS apparently must be installed in the first slot of
the first drive in the device.

I found out it works after reorganizing my CF Card as ...


Now I can boot into /GSOS, which contains the GSOS operating system,
that was installed by the Installer program on the /SYSTEM.TOOLS 3.5"

But this arrangement has the disadvantage that my IIgs boots into GSOS.
I'd rather it would boot-up in PRODOS then run BASIC.SYSTEM then run
STARTUP and my custom programs written in AppleSoft Basic. Haven't
gotten it to do that yet.

Maybe there is something like a script in GSOS that will do that?

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Re: Installing GSOS

Postby david__schmidt » Tue Jul 05, 2011 8:55 am

DrTom wrote:GSOS apparently must be installed in the first slot of the first drive in the device.

That's what it means to be a startup volume. ;-)

DrTom wrote:But this arrangement has the disadvantage that my IIgs boots into GSOS.

It involves renaming some files - I've seen various HELLO programs over the years to let you select at boot time. This thread has some clues: ... b8fdc59c8c

What I do is have GSOS on the boot volume as normal, and if I want to run ProDOS, I just hold down the '8' key at power-on (for ProDOS 8... i.e. not 16) and don't bother with all the other chicanery.
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