New CFFA Applications section

For discussions about the use of your CFFA card. Feel free to start threads about anything you are doing with your card. Tell us about your system, your CF card, how many drives, and especially anything cool you might be doing with your Apple II. Also, if anybody is hacking the CFFA please post info here!

New CFFA Applications section

Postby rich » Thu May 11, 2006 10:23 pm

Hi CFFA users,

At the suggestion of a CFFA user, I am opening another discussion area in the forum. This area should be used for anything that has to do with your use of the CFFA card Really any cool Apple II information is fine in this section.

The new rev2 CFFA boards use EEPROM instead of EPROM and it is very easy to change the firmware. You can just go into monitor, remove the WriteProtect jumper, and start changing bytes on the CFFA cards EEPROM! Of course, be careful or you will fine yourself with a non-functional card. I will be making a "Flash" utility written in BASIC available soon. I recommend removing your CF card _before_ you start changing firmware.

I would love to hear from people who are hacking the firmware to do new things. I can't say there is alot of room left in the firmware (around 800 bytes free) AUX ROM space. The tool I used is CC65 to assemble the firmware and am happy to help out those who need a little help with the layout of the EERPOM. Although it is all in the manual.

Some areas that might be hacked on, you ask?
How about:
- Native DOS3.3 support (yeah that is a major undertaking)
- Boot from Multiple Partition (Actually Rob Greene has done this to his card)
- Master/Slave support (this one is relatively easy, but of limited use in my opinion)
- Customize boot code behaviour on a slot by slot basis. The CFFA has a separate code space for each slots' Cn00 to CnFF address space.
- Who Knows???

Anyway feel free to post away with anything you are doing!!!!
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