Organizing DOS Volumes - Showcasing the Apple II

For discussions about the use of your CFFA card. Feel free to start threads about anything you are doing with your card. Tell us about your system, your CF card, how many drives, and especially anything cool you might be doing with your Apple II. Also, if anybody is hacking the CFFA please post info here!

Organizing DOS Volumes - Showcasing the Apple II

Postby tom » Tue May 16, 2006 1:52 pm

I got a head start on using the CFFA Volume for DOS from Vince Briel's Tech Support info. He has his DOS volume set up for disk #1. I prefer ProDOS stuff in disk #1 and DOS in disk #2. I extracted his ten DOS volumes and then built upon that.

I have a floppy drive set up for slot 5. I used a floppy with Davex to format a 128MB CF card, with the CFFA in slot 7. I formatted four drives: slots 7 with drives 1 and 2, and similarly for slot 4.

I used CiderPress to create a 32 MB po Volume (named CF), added Davex and my favorite ProDOS utilities, and then copied this Volume to the first Volume (used for Slot 7 – drive 1) on the CF card.

Using CiderPress I created a second 32MB po Volume (volume named DM and image filename “DM-200-560.po”) and copied a DOS.Master image into it. I then loaded DM-200-560.po into the GS emulator, KEGS32, as a simulated hard drive. I then loaded images of DOS program files into the KEGS32 drives and used FUD to copy them into the desired DOS volume.

As mentioned in the "Showcasing the Apple II" topic, the Basic program "TV Menu" on DOS volume 1 is then used to select between categories and thier programs. These DOS volumes are organized as shown in the DATA statements in the “DOS Showcase Programs” file in the “CFFA” folder at: ... um=1147686
The user ID and password is “publik.” Popup blocking has to be disabled to access this folder.

This procedure is laborious. An automated procedure would make life happier. Making the FUD Copy command executable from a basic program would be a step toward this.

An assembly file for FUD, named “FUDM”, that compiles under Merlin is also in the above folder. Both the source file “FUDM.S” and a Merlin disk “Merlin_FUDM.dsk” with the source file are in the online folder. To run the assembler, a ProDOS disk needs to be booted, disks swapped, and “–MERLIN.SYSTEM” typed. Load the file ”FUDM” and then enter the editor “E”. The file assembles with an “ASM” command. Merlin documentation is at .

This is the status of my CFFA project to date. I’m at a point where I can showcase a reasonable representation of the Apple II world. Someone may want to add their own favorite programs to the volumes in the online folder for their own "Showcase" Apple II.

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Postby vbriel » Sat May 20, 2006 7:23 am

Nice work Tom. I never really thought about a release version of my image until people started asking for it. I mostly just put it out there so people have something to work with. Having a version like this is nice for those who want it on the 2nd partition.

I take it that you had to do a fresh install of dos.master?

I agree, loading dos.master on a clean CF is not a fun job. I use mine on a IIplus and dos.master won't work on a IIplus so I had to first install it on a IIgs in the same slot, then transfer the card over to my IIplus. Since then I've been hacking dos.master to be uppercase and work in a IIplus. I'll post that image when I get it finished.

By the way, I use KEGs emulator to run my .po CF image files when I want to do work on my PC with the dos.master image.

Cider press is the perfect software package for the CFFA and I suggest everybody plunk the extra $10 and buy this program. while you can't directly access dos.master images, you can backup and restore your CF cards with this!
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Showcasing the Apple II !!!

Postby rich » Sat Jan 20, 2007 11:49 pm


I have been meaning to try out your image for a long time and I final
got around to it tonight. All I can say is awesome!!!

It is so nice to have all of this DOS3.3 software collected together on one CF card. I launched Castle Wolfenstein and played for quit awhile before I realized I was trying to see what else was on the image.

For anybody who wants to try the image file Tom made: DM-200-560.po. Remember that you will need to load it onto the CF card as the second partition (drive 2) and your CFFA card needs to be in Slot 7 for DOS.MASTER to work properly with this image. You WILL NEED a 128MB card or larger CF card to load this image because most 64MB cards don't have a true FULL 32MBs for the second partition and CiderPress will not let you load this image into a partition that is not a full 65535 blocks. This is an issue with CF cards, not the CFFA or CiderPress! It's that damn marketing megabytes thing again.

So Thank You Tom!!

And Vince and any others (I am not aware of) who worked on DM to make using the Apple ][ a barrel of fun!
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Quick question

Postby Anonymous » Wed Mar 26, 2008 9:40 am

Do you know if a 512meg CF card will work? I found one of them from my camera that I dont use.
Also how hard is it to remove and say add Scott Adams adventures?

What would need to be done to use the CFFA in a IIe , can it run prodos like a gs?

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