CFFA1 Received - Thanks!

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CFFA1 Received - Thanks!

Postby gek » Thu Jun 14, 2007 9:54 am

A huge thanks to Rich - I received my CFFA1, which works wonderfully with the Obtronix Apple I clone.

One "trick" is that you need to format a CF card with the Apple I before loading it with the disk image. Other than that I was up and running basic within a few minutes.

- Gary
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CF cards and CiderPress

Postby rich » Sun Jun 17, 2007 10:29 pm

Gary and CFFA users,

Although you don't say it specifically, I assume you are using Ciderpress to load an image to your CF card. When opening your CF card in CiderPress be sure to open the Physical drive and NOT the logical drive (ex H:). Because if your CF card has a MS DOS formatting on it like FAT16, then your Windows PC will see it and mount it and assign a drive letter like H:
Then if you open the logical volume in CiderPress, you will not be loading your image at the beginning of the CF card, but at the start of the start of the logical volume. This won't work, as you found out. By doing a format in the Apple1 first, you are wiping out the FAT16 partition and then when you insert it in a windows machine, it won't know what to do with it and won't load it as a logical volume. Then any image you load onto the CF card will go at the beginning of the CF card where it belongs.

Note: There is a pull down on the open dialog in CiderPress to show physical volumes that may need to be selected.

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Re: CFFA1 Received - Thanks!

Postby thomaslatfield » Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:41 am

thanks rich and gary for the info. I was having problems with my CFFA1. I finally got it to work with the Obtronix Apple I clone.
Your advice has really helped me. I wish this forum was more active though because i do have more questions. Ill just post them and see if they get answered by anyone.
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Re: CFFA1 Received - Thanks!

Postby jrronimo » Thu Sep 27, 2012 1:16 am

I know it's an old topic, but after about 1.5 years, I've just gotten around to using a CFFA1 that Rich sold to the Archeological Media Lab here in Boulder, CO [link][/link] for use with a replica 1.

It's working great! I'm learning a *lot* about programming and Hex and everything, heh. Thank you so much for your help Rich! This is a fascinating computer to work on.
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