Multi-port card readers

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Multi-port card readers

Postby jeff42150 » Mon Nov 07, 2011 5:33 pm

Has anyone had any luck with the CFFA 3000 card reading files off of multi-port card readers? I have a Sandisk ImageMate 12 that sometimes works/sometimes doesn't work running from the USB port on the 3000. Running my 3000 on a ROM 03/IIgs zipped to 8htz
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Re: Multi-port card readers

Postby david__schmidt » Mon Nov 07, 2011 7:04 pm

Jeff -

I have a couple of cheapie multi-card readers that I've used with consistent success in my zipped ROM 03. You might want to grab a debug log in a scenario where it fails to work for you - I'd suggest flipping DIP switch 3 on/down to get details in your debug log. When it comes time to grab the log, get into the CDA, and hit Ctrl-D to get into the debug menu where you can save the log (to the CF and not the USB, presumably!).
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