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Project: CFFA for Apple 1, Replica1, and Obtronix Clones

Project Introduction:

In this project I took the main functionality of the original CFFA for Apple II and ported it to the Apple1. I added 32KB of SRAM (for non-Replica1's) so you can run Woz Basic and provided a file menu system that can read ProDOS formatted CF cards so you can move files between your Apple II and Apple1.

CFFA1 Status: March 23, 2013:

The CFFA1 for Apple1 / Replica1 / Mimeo1 is now available to order. I have built 200 boards and have them in stock. The cost is US$109.95 + shipping.

CFFA1 Status: Feb 19, 2013:

I have just shipped all of the parts for 200 CFFA1 boards to the assembly company in California! It will take about 5 weeks assemble the boards and get them shipped back to me. In the next week or so, I will open up the order site for pre-orders. I believe I have built many more units than the current demand. So anyone who wants a CFFA1 should be able to buy one. I would be able to start shipping orders by early April. The units will ship with a minor firmware update to v1.1 which adds support for the Replica1's Multi I/O board's ACIA. Also in development right now for v2.0 is FAT16 support, making file tranfers to and from your PC or Mac much easier. -Rich.

CFFA1 Status: Jan 2, 2013:

I have now ordered all of the parts for a batch of 200 CFFA1 boards! Once these parts arrive and I can build up a couple test PCBs I will send everything to the assembler for assembly. I am hoping to have boards to sell by early March.

CFFA1 Status: Dec 4, 2012:

It has been a long time since I updated the status for this project. There is finally enough demand to merit making another run of CFFA1 boards! I have order the production of another batch of PCB for run #2. I am also in the process of buying parts and will update this page again once I have sent all of the parts to the assembler. This process could take several months.

CF for Apple1
This is an example of a hand-soldered CFFA1 board from the first batch of production PCBs. Replica 1 TE users can now plug the CFFA1 directly into their Replica1, as this version now integrates the standard 44 pin edge connector. Older Replica1 owners will need the slot expander. Apple1 and Mimeo 1 users can plug my CFFA1 card directly into their hardware.

Below is a sample of the menu generated by the current firmware. The firmware allows reading and writing ProDOS formatted CF cards. You can move files between your Apple // CFFA or CiderPress to transfer programs to and from the Internet. There is also a simple API system somewhat like ProDOS's MLI for interfacing to the underlying code. Keep in mind that this is NOT ProDOS or even an operating system, just a menu system with all the needed code to read and write the prodos file system on the CF card. It also automatically handles reading and writing Apple 1 basic files including the zero-page range.

9000: 4C

 CFFA1 MENU (1.0)
 R - RENAME       D - DELETE
^F - FORMAT       T - TERSE


Currently the Menu firmware has a few limitations, including a single level of directories, and access to only the first drive or partition on a CF card. It is possible that these limitations will be removed at some future time.

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