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CFFA Device Compatibility List

This list is for the old 1.x and 2.x CFFA boards.
This is not for the CFFA3000, which works with most modern USB and CF FLASH memory cards.

Device Compatibility List

Last Update: Dec 30, 2007
Device Name CPLD logic v1.2 or v1.3 CPLD logic v1.4 w/ 3 jumper fix or CFFA v2.0
SanDisk SDCFB series CF Cards 4 to 128MB, 256MB and up don't work Yes, tested 64MB, 128MB, 256MB
SanDisk Ultra II series CF Cards ?? not tested Yes, Tested 512MB
Kodak 4 MB CF Yes Yes
SimpleTech STI-CF/128 Yes Yes
Hagiwara Sys-com #HPC-CF128V Yes ??
IBM MicroDrive 1GB HD Yes ??
IBM 1.6GB 2.5" DDLA-21620 HD Yes ??
Seagate ST31276A 1.2 GB HD Yes ??
Toshiba MK2103MAV 2GB HD Yes ??
Crucial 128MB CF ??? Yes
Delkin Devices CFLS1VT1-128 CF
Delkin Devices CFLS1VT1-192 CF
Yes. Works fine, but the green "Drive Access" LED stays ON all the time. ??
FujiFilm 128 CF card Yes. Works fine, but the green "Drive Access" LED stays ON all the time. ??
Kingston 8 MB CF No ??
Canon 16 MB: "Hitachi CVM2.1.0" CF No ??
Memorex 16MB CF No ??
LexarMedia CF cards No Yes, Tested 64MB and 256MB
PNY 128MB CF No. Formats but you can't write to it. 64MB PNY reported to work
PNY 32MB CF ?? 32MB PNY reported to work
CFCompactFlash card
HDIDE Hard Drive
Note 1: If you want to be sure your CF card will work with my CFFA board, use the SanDisk brand cards, or a card with a SanDisk controller inside (e.g. Kodak)
Note 2: The CFFA card supports only IDE hard drives that support LBA (Logical Block Addressing). Most drives larger than 528MB have this feature. Most smaller drives do not support LBA.
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