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CFFA Logic

Project Logic for older v1.x cards

This project uses a Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) made by Altera Corp. Although the device is in-circuit programmable, I simply programmed the part in my Dataman-48 Universal Programmer with a 44pin Universal Adapter - model #SPD-UNIV-44. Part #9959440000REV.:A1. Once programmed I inserted the part in the socket on my prototype. The output file I load into the programmer is called: appleideinterface.pof.

The PLD software I used for this project is MAX+plus II 10.1 BASELINE from Altera. After you download and install it, you can use it to modify the PLD logic. You will have to fill out a form to get a password from Altera to install the software. NOTE: The Altera Baseline software is already getting old, they recommend you use their more current Quartus II Web Edition software. I have not yet tried that version.

There are really only two source files that are critical to build this design. (however, there are a few other important files, such as a file that contains the pin numbers that I used on the CPLD)

  1. The main PLD design file: appleideinterface.gdf. This is a Altera graphical design file and will require Altera's software to edit.
  2. An additional design file: applelogic.tdf A sub block used inside the .gdf file above with all of the basic boolean equations. This is a text file and can be view with any text editor. The other files in the logic zip file are related Altera support files, and store configuration information.
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