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CFFA Project Definition

CFFA1 Project Specification

  • A CompactFlash Interface for Apple1 computer and its replicas and clones
  • Support for up to 32 MB (1 drive) using the ProDOS file system. Firmware developed by Dave Lyons
  • Onboard 8K EEPROM contains operating menu and allows for user updates
  • 32KB of expasion SRAM allows running basic on Apple1's and Obtronix clone
  • Built in Menu system provides access to ProDOS formatted CF cards, from your Apple II or CiderPress
  • NOT currently compatible with A-ONE Apple1 replica

CFFA1 Run #1 Product Features Notes
Similar form factor to Apple1 Cassette interface. CFFA1 is slight wider and taller Only one CFFA1 can be used in the system at once. "T" memory select line must be mapped to $A000 on Apple1.
32KB of additional SRAM is built on CFFA1 card. Systems with additional SRAM already built in, like the Replica1, can disable or partially disable the additional SRAM.
Cost: US$109.95 + shipping Does NOT include CF memory card.
8K EEPROM holds Menu driven system capable of reading, writing, and formatting ProDOS formatted CF cards. Load and Save Woz Basic programs is a snap!

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