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Project: CFFA for Apple 1 Clones

Project Introduction:

In this project I took the main functionality of the original CFFA for Apple II and ported it to the Apple1. I added 32KB of SRAM (for non-Replica1's) so you can run Woz Basic and provided a file menu system that can read ProDOS formatted CF cards so you can move files between your Apple II and Apple1.

CFFA1 Status: Aug 18, 2022:

I have started accepting orders for the CFFA1 run #3 . Currently the inventory level is set to 50 units because I have received 50 from the assembler. The price is US$150. Please limit your order to 2 units per customer at least for the initial batch of 50. I am trying to build 180 units in the this run. But some parts are very hard to find, like the CF socket. And when found they are often corroded and unuseable. Please allow several weeks for delivery, and if overseas it can take 4 to 6 weeks for shipment. Example: It often takes 5 weeks for shipments to reach customers in Germany!

CFFA1 Status: July 6, 2022:

Okay, this update is crazy overdue. Sorry for keeping everyone in the dark. I finally found an assembler and have boards being build. I have some back for testing and will be getting more in several weeks. Once I have progammed and tested a reasonable sized batch, I will put them into my shop. At this point I will understand if no one believes me, about anything. I have been dealing this some personal stuff, and the idea of hand soldering a couple hundred PCBs was not realistic. I will post here again when I have boards to sell. Thank you. -Rich

CFFA1 Status: Mar 25, 2021:

Quick update: I am not yet ready to accept orders. I have been traveling for work for most of the last 6 weeks, and still have several more weeks left to go. I would estimate it will be late April before I can open for orders. I am sorry for yet another delay, but my day job is what keeps the lights on.

CFFA1 Status: Feb 6, 2021:

Sorry for the long delay since last update...
I finally got a complete set up good boards. I wonder if Advanced Circuits really wants small orders any longer. I am still in the process of building boards. For some reason I decided to hand assemble this batch of boards, but I can see that was a mistake. So as I look for an assembler, if you know of an inexpensive US-based assembler, please let me know. I will build boards by hand as I have time. I have only assembled 6 so far. Once I have about 12 ready, I will open up my order site. Please don't worry about getting a board, there will be plenty of supply. Last batch took 6 years to sell out. The price will be US$150, with a limit of 2 per person and address. Later I will open up for repeat orders depending on demand.

CFFA1 Status: Dec 16, 2020:

Advanced Circuits has inspected all of the PCBs that I returned and has decided to replace all of them. They will have new boards sent by Dec 21st.

CFFA1 Status: Dec 10, 2020:

After inspecting the PCBs visually I have found that at least 20% of them are bad. With solder plating metal all over the PCB in places it should not be. Some have many shorted pads and some have little plating at all. I am shipping back all of the boards back to Advanced Circuits on Friday, at their expense, for inspection and replacement.

CF for Apple1
This is an example of a hand-soldered CFFA1 board from the first batch of production PCBs. Replica 1 TE users can now plug the CFFA1 directly into their Replica1, as this version now integrates the standard 44 pin edge connector. Older Replica1 owners will need the slot expander. Apple1 and Mimeo 1 users can plug my CFFA1 card directly into their hardware.

Below is a sample of the menu generated by the current firmware. The firmware allows reading and writing ProDOS formatted CF cards. You can move files between your Apple // CFFA or CiderPress to transfer programs to and from the Internet. There is also a simple API system somewhat like ProDOS's MLI for interfacing to the underlying code. Keep in mind that this is NOT ProDOS or even an operating system, just a menu system with all the needed code to read and write the prodos file system on the CF card. It also automatically handles reading and writing Apple 1 basic files including the zero-page range.

9000: 4C

 CFFA1 MENU (1.0)
 R - RENAME       D - DELETE
^F - FORMAT       T - TERSE


Currently the Menu firmware has a few limitations, including a single level of directories, and access to only the first drive or partition on a CF card. It is possible that these limitations will be removed at some future time.

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